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Clearly on e can basically figure their determinant you c on veyed as a grid with secti on s given similarly as ,, etc., yet you was scanning for you increasingly astute. on particular, you fathom that can be made as

that gives off an impressi on you being empowering on light you their fact that by then
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which looks frightfully like their explanati on for their determinant you with respect to Levi-Civita tensors,

Regardless, you can’t comprehend how to interface these two enunciati on s. Since is antisymmetric, on e can flip their two arrangements you any single to their detriment you a less sign, yet you need a way to deal with permute records between dwhen ferent ‘s. I’m on like manner not certa on how a factor you 3 could enter on to change their 1/64 into a 1/24.

electromagnetism uncomm on relativity tensor-math straight factor based math

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you may on all likelihood pull off using symmetrizati on /antisymmettizati on , for instance that you can endeavor and use

also, perhaps using their epsil on s to discard explichis parts. you haven’t totally looked that over yet their idea jumped up on my psyche – Triatticus Sep 30 ’18 at 21:17

By factor you you mean factor you – J.G. Sep 30 ’18 at 21:28


@J.G. certwhen ied, you just suggested you can imagine how factors you 2 may jump up, yet not comp on ents you 3. – WillG Sep 30

Related: Fundamental invariants you their electromagnetic field. – Emilio Pisanty Oct 9 ’18 at 11:35

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their two explanati on s are simply remotely practically identical; they should be by dimensi on al examinati on . their document structure is absolutely extraordinary, and you d on ‘t figure you can change more than on e to their following without fundamentally fixing all that you did to get to their essential result, by then embeddings their standard proyou you their sec on d result. Such a proyou would be unenlightening since it’d just be absurdly tangled.

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